Just be real

Is what I hear a lot

Cause I should know the colour scheme to my wedding

But here’s the deal

I am being real

I admit that my heart’s sore

Being disappointed a lot

Or maybe its that I haven’t grown up

Secretly waiting for my

I hate to say it, it sounds so cheesy

Don’t judge me

I’m waiting for my ‘BIG LOVE’

Though at times I’m not quite sure what I’m looking for

Basic wants is a deep connection

You know, someone that knows whats up

But then again I may be flawed in my thought

It goes beyond a physical touch

Indescribable but I hope you know what I mean

The happily ever after

A love that’s beyond this world

Do you think its possible?

My reference point is the cross

A man to love me as Christ loves the church

That can’t be too much?

If it was then God would not have set it as the standard, or am I being unreasonable?

Experience prompts me to lower my expectation, a woman I know told me all men are infidels

Did I read too many fairy tales?

Cause the old woman’s tale told me to prepare for men to disappoint, that they are all the same

You may think she’s insane but she was once like I was, excitedly expectant of her love

But I’m not looking for a man that’s like man, but one that’s Christ’s like

It’s possible, it’s possible…


O gosh

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  1. Awww wow! This is kinda what’s been going on in my mind…I started thinking I’m I crazy…I’m I expecting too much or even more scary the impossible..do I need to lower my standards…even my friends are saying I’m crazy..but u said it…a man that loves me as Christ loves the church is what I need and even want…anything else may feel good now..but they say the good is the enemy of the best…I refuse to be parcified when I can be satisfied! Xx

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