I think I got high

By your smile

I look into your eyes

And to my suprise

This is what I see

I can’t believe


I once thought this was love

Didn’t count the cost

Nor did I go to the cross

Excited at the thought

What I wanted came so easily

I was deceived

You committed fraud

You took so cheaply

What I value highly

See I was giddy

Perhaps a bit silly

You see me

Never thought I’d be that needy


It was soo seedy

Now looking into those eyes

I once thought were nice

Being held in the arms of the one I once called mine

I try to deny

But my eyes don’t lie

Lust I have to pass

No more

I’m leaving you behind

I decline your offer to reignite

To again unite

Though you persist

Hear me!

Step back!

I’ve got nothing for you

My lips and hips down to my finger tips

Are out of bounds

I’ve casted you out

The girl you once knew

Who seemed like fun

Pacified my hurts

Though she was slowly pulling a gun

Time was running out

It was a call between me and her

For a while we exchanged personalities

So this attempt is a clear case of mistaken identity

You’re confused!

The girl you once knew

That swayed so smooth

That danced to your every sultry tune

You miss her! Ha!

She’s in the tomb!

  1. LOve this, I never knew you blogged..!
    You took so cheaply, What I value highly, See I was giddy, Perhaps a bit silly
    I love it lol every line…but it wont make sense to copy it all back to you right..lol xxx

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