imageA year ago I had one of many amazing conversations with my Bishop and the Holy Spirit recently brought it to the fore front of my mind so I thought I’d share it with you.

One of the most important decisions you will make is about who you will marry. Who will be your head or if you like who will be your king? In the book of 1 Samuel 8, the children of Israel demanded for a king to judge them “like all the other nations”.

I have spoken to a lot of young ladies who want a boyfriends because all their friends now have boyfriends and they feel left out, alone with no one to talk to. Although a genuine desire, the motivation is wrong. I can hear my mum saying so if everyone else jumps off a bridge you will too. (Lol, got to love parents).

These conversations remind me of the children of Israel. There was a genuine need but instead of asking God for the solution. Looking upwards, they looked around, they looked at other nations who probably did not know God and wanted to be like them. They forgot that they were different from other nations, that they were chosen by God, had a divine destiny.

Look at God’s response in 1 Samuel 8:7, God considered their request a rejection of Him. Why? He had been their king all this while. But now they were dissatisfied.
To be honest, part of their dissatisfaction came after Samuel’s children took advantage of their priesthood. (That’s a different story for another day) the children of Israel did not even have a specification for their king. They just wanted a king. For all those that just want someone, someone can be anyone and that anyone could be someone that could take you out of the will of God. Your destiny is too precious and delicate to be tampered with so you need to exercise great care before joining yourself with another.

The Lord granted their request which is scary! God can permit something that is not His will. But He warned them about the behaviour of the king they want through Samuel. (1 Samuel 8:10-18) they were warned that the king will make them work for him, use their children, take a 10th of their sheep etc but the people still wanted a physical king- vs 20 so they could be like other nations, that the king may judge them and fight for them.

Listen, getting a boyfriend is not hard. You may think it is because perhaps you’ve never had one. But that could be God protecting you. My bishop once said those complaining that every guy is not talking to them should be grateful because they will not be confused when the right man comes. You are being preserved for your king. (That’s a good way to look at it I think). Or like I say, I don’t want to kiss so many frogs before I get to my prince. Don’t let the loneliness of your youth cause you to mortgage your future. Also you don’t have someone else’s grace or tolerance, getting what they have and not having the grace they have means you can fighting a loosing battle.

If you continue to read you will find out that God was right! He always is lol. The introduction of a physical king to Israel did not solve their problems like they thought. When we desire what others have instead of what God has ordained for us, we get other peoples problems.
I guess being in Egypt for all those years, they were used to being under someone and not God. So even when they were in the promised land, they desired to be ruled by mam instead of God.

It’s sad to say that I also know people who just wanted to be married, or just wanted to know someone intimately and to be known which isn’t a wrong desire but without the leading of the Holy Spirit and godly counsel, they are fighting harder battles and still lonely although I. A contractually bound relationship.

May that not be your portion in Jesus name. God wants the best for your and I. The prayer is God grant me patience to receive the right answers to my prayers. I don’t want to be anyone else. I want to be who you’ve called me to be. I am a unique specification so God please help me not to betray my future or reject You by my actions.

I haven’t shown you how to choose a king, this has merely looked at intention. Why do you want what you want. If your why is not pure and you act on it, your result will also be flawed.

It’s not denying the need but covetousness cannot be the reason why or wanting to be on the wedding sites with your own harsh tag lol. Relationships have a direct, life changing impact on your destiny so please don’t be careless about it.

Next blog will look at what God looks at when choosing a king!

  1. I like the post! Following God’s will isn’t easy but the peace one gets from it is indisputable. That’s what helps me brush off other people’s opinions, as I know I am following God’s will.

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