Un belief

Hits me

Cause you hit me

In me

Fear grips

Your clenched jaw

Those eyes betray you

Who are you?

You’re not the man that once wooed

And made me coo

As you pursued

I remember getting roses

Being cozy

Warm and fuzzy

RUDELY awoken from bliss

standing here in your grip

Your words as hard as your punch

Stop! I can’t breathe

More and more I feel lifeless

You’re really hurting me

My eyes red

no more tears

My well’s dry

You took my all

No one believes it’s always coz of a fall

Clumsiness no longer explains why I’m so withdrawn

I could leave

That day before the Lord I said I do

Leaving my mother and father

To return because you’re not the man I thought

The shame and disgrace

It would cause

We looked so in love

You once held me so delicately

You were too good to be true

Literally swept me off my feet

My Prince charming

How can you repeatedly harm me?

I did it all by the book

Sex you didn’t get till we were wed

A happy 9 months

Then you became the thing I feared

I became an echo of stories I heard

A picture of what I abhorred

Battered and bruised

Completely broken

And I wonder who could save me from the man I love

Divorce a thought I fought

Enquiring  from many I begged to help

Now I fear a necessary evil

Death I no longer fear

As I am already dead

You killed me

You say it’s my fault

I shouldn’t have come home late

I should have known what you hate

Magnifying my flaws

Our home a war zone

How twisted is it that I was happy when I miscarried

Bringing a child into struggle

Escape a mere fantasy

A thought I toy with

But I’m really getting tired of this

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