Is what she’s called

Beautiful but flawed

Is it, love or money

love of money

but why not love and money honey

She asks you what you do

out of interest?

or is it really her weighing the size of your wallet.

Wanting to know your ‘earning potential’ does not make her a gold digga

or do you conclude that because though you look inviting you really have no gold

oh oh

seriously though, speaking from analyzing relationships at different stages I have found that 2 key elements, not the only elements but vital elements are love and money.

When a man is able to provide for a woman, she feels more secure, or maybe I can’t speak for all women but I know I sure would and the man feels more like the man, like he’s handling business you know. Frustrations about not being able to pay the bills, bailiff etc don’t poke holes into their ship to cause it to sink.

Where the treasure is your heart lies, love gives, you know, for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son..

It’s not about being the richest, … love and money… The advice and prayer of women gone ahead say you want a man who can look after you emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially.

They say most of the frustrations in their marriage is because of money, especially when the woman makes significantly more money and seems to be the one taking care of business.

So she doesn’t want that, she has seen love turn to hatred because of frustration in finance, she has seen love turn to hatred because all the man does is work. She wants both, she doesn’t want to choose either or, she doesn’t want her family to suffer in the future.

So you may call her a gold digga but I think she just wants it all…..


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