I don’t want to do this anymore

Are you giving up?

Heck No!

If I move from the Way I am going

I am heading to death

What I no longer want to do is not be who I believe

The minor things appear to be flooring the grandest giants

I hate to live a life of hypocrisy one more day of it may just

For a lack of a better word—kill me

How can we say God can

Yet our lives say God can’t

No longer pressing towards the mark

We fail to lay hold of eternal life

No longer fighting the fight of faith

But embracing a life of shame

A highly passionate, zealous generation

Killed by the very thing that made them run



Causes us to live in the realm of our souls

With it different facets

We see some good

And we see some bad

Some that need renewing


Let me be part of the ones

That say we are able

Infact more than able

Old wives fables

That says zeal fizzles out once reality sets

Haven’t met the God that wants us to prophesy and see visions

Maturity is not acknowledging impossibility and settling

It is having faith like a mustard seed

Exercising it till it sees the substance of our hope

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