Destination Unknown!!

We err in our quest to be a success

And create a mess when at first we did not ask from the Master

The plan

We believe there is a plan but impatiently run ahead to make it come to pass

So we go through many ills and feel the devil is trying to resist and that it’s just a test

But where is the blueprint of the Master’s instruction which should form the basis of your direction?

Like Forrest Gump we run right into a wilderness, some even end up in a swamp, then stunned and in a state of bewilderment

We turn to God as if to say it’s His fault, caught in a maze for the first time causes you to look up

See there is a race marked out for us, not a path we create ourselves

Our ideas are good but can miss the perfect

Your way may seem right but hold on before it leads you to death

Or causes you to regress

And in all your travail you bring forth nothing but win and have no impact on the earth.

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